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Fingernails, Eyes, and Tongues!

person in wheelchair shaking handsWhy did the doctors, medical staff, and their assistants start calling me,“The Tongue Lady,” when I had to undergo major abdominal surgery? What do tongues have to do with tummies? Sounds gross! It wasn’t.

Ayurveda, The Science of Self-HealingThey saw me reading my favorite, short, book about  Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad. The book has images of tongues, showing things like a jagged streak down the middle, or red bumps around the edges, or a white coating, called “thrush.” These appearances on tongues relate to disease conditions in the body.

laughing smiley face with tongue stuck outNo, I was not paid to extol the virtues of his book. I share about it because I learned a lot from Lad’s work. The medical staff became totally intrigued by the sketches of tongues in that book. Soon, they were sticking out their own tongues while looking in a mirror to diagnose themselves. Given human nature, they immediately began diagnosing each other and everyone they know – present or absent from the scene.

The same kinds of relationships and health issues are revealed in fingernails, and in various parts of the eye (Iridology). (Indicators also may be found in feet, lips, pulse, etc., but I’m limiting this discussion for the sake of your sanity and mine.)

image of a brown eyeAyurveda, Chinese medicine, and now Western medicine have come to the same conclusions about the value of “reading” fingernails, eyes, and tongues in the diagnostic process. (That’s why the doctor has you stick out your tongue and say “Aaa-aaaa-ah.” Below are some examples of disease conditions related to the visible state of your fingernails. I’ve included links for Dr. Lad, The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International, Natural Health Techniques, and WEBMD. 

Ayurveda Remedies


Eyes | Iridology

Eyes - inflamed eye of young womanI know little about diagnostics through close attention to various parts of the eye. (I never pretend to know more about a subject than I actually do!) The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International  knows a lot. So, to learn more about Iridology, Click Here.



Pictures of Fingernails are Worth a Thousand Words, According to WebMD.

smiley face OK signThere are great pictures of fingernails on the above link. I can’t share them directly on this page without violating copyright laws, so please click on the link to view them and their meaning.

Then, come back and read more here. 🙂


Natural Health Techniques | Fingernails

According to Natural Health Techniques, here are the health and well-being relationships among fingers and organs.

“Fingernail Analysis–What to Look For

  • The Thumb: Reflects what is going on in the brain, excretory system and in the reproductive organs.
  • Index Finger: Reflects what is going on in liver, gallbladder or nervous system.
  • Middle Finger: Reflects what is going on in the heart and circulation.
  • Ring Finger: Reflects what is going on in the reproductive organs and the hormonal system.
  • And the Little Finger: Reflects what is going on in the digestive system.” 

I suggest subscribing to Natural Health Techniques’ website and to their Facebook Page for very detailed information and tips. Here is just a short excerpt, describing interpretations of a fingernail condition.

“Vertical Ridges and Split Nails:  Lots of rule-outs here, but they include–Adrenal gland problems, arthritic tendencies, asthma, broken heart, bronchitis, calcium deficiency, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, chronic stress, depression, emotional trauma, excretory system conditions, hyperactivity or overexertion, iron deficiency, kidney problems, laryngitis, nervous problems, poor digestion/absorption in the small intestine, chemicals from food, dieting, protein deficiency, respiratory problems, unhappiness, Vitamin A deficiency, yeast and other fungi, lupus, chemo or radiation side effect, drugs or prescription use.”


Both with Clients and for myself, I have found these clues to be correct when seeking information about underlying health issues. I hope you find them useful.


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