Reiki – What To Expect in a Reiki Practitioner Session

What Happens In an Hour-Long Reiki Treatment?

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What You May Experience During A Reiki Session With Ayanna

Reiki hands with white light healing energy on man outdoors

The following description is how I conducted sessions when I was an active Reiki practitioner. I share it now because many other practitioners do it in a similar way. This description can help you decide if you want to experience an in-person Reiki treatment. It’s wonderful, and you may even want to become certified as a Reiki provider.

Reiki Kanji Symbol for healing at a distanceNote: Reiki (and some other forms of healing) can be conducted in absentia (long-distance) with or without a surrogate who is present with the practitioner. (The practitioner must be certified at Reiki II level or above to do distance healing.)

Reiki is not massage. The body is not being rubbed or manipulated as it would be with a massage therapist or chiropractic treatment. The only commonality is that a massage table may be used.

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