Procrastination Resolved by NLP Visualization

Sally, daydreaming and procrastinatingNeed help overcoming procrastination? NLP and Creative Visualization can help, and I’m giving you a How To script right here, right now!

There are SO MANY uses for this technique, including project management (personal or professional).

Case in point: My client had procrastinated for EIGHT YEARS about an interior design project for a bathroom in her home.

Sally energized and overcoming procrastinationAfter just one session with me, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a creative visualization technique, this full-time employee had bought the supplies within one week and both started and finished the project (which included painting the whole room) the next weekend!

Even better, she now knows how to overcome procrastination on issues, large and small.

Harder Stuff

After we go through the script below, I’ll give you examples of more difficult challenges on which you can use this “procrastination technique.” Examples include anger management and weight loss.

You can do this, too, and I going to teach you how!

Pick a Smart Goal to Help You Quit Procrastinating!

If you link this process to a SMART goal, you’ll be even more effective. You remember the S.M.A.R.T. goal acronym, right?

(If you are new to the concept or you need a refresher about what SMART goals are, Click Here for details as Indeed describes it for job hunting.)

Creative Visualization + Smart Goals overcoming procrastination

However, if you do remember how to set SMART goals, then, for our exercise, pick something important to you, even though it is insignificant in terms of the overall meaning of life. Use these criteria.

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Time Bound (has specific deadlines).

KISS Principle

While employing the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart), let’s start our exercise by practicing on something clearly defined and fairly easy. It should not involve a matter of life and death! Make it desirable, but not critical to your well-being for this first run-through.

An NLP Visualization, Using One Of Your Smart Goals: Overcoming Avoidance

blue sky and clouds one of which looks like an angel for conquering procrastination

You Can Customize the Script Later

I’m about to give you a step-by-step script you can use to help yourself quit delaying work on things you need to do. (The script is usable for large and small issues, so that you can customize and expand it when you’re ready to work on highly important matters.)

The View from Two Perspectives

To help you, we’ll use two techniques for you to “look at” what is in the images we’re creating.

1) One is as if you were watching the scene on a movie screen from a seat in the audience.

2) The other way is that you are looking at things “with your own eyes” and experiencing the sensations of sight, sound, feeling, smells, and tastes, as if you were there in the midst of the situation and viewing it from your own body and eyes.

The script will tell you which one to use at various points in the visualization.

Do It Now; Do It Well

You can postpone some things forever without serious consequence, but others should not be postponed for long…or at all.

microphone with sign saying "RECORDING" the visualization on procrastinationIf it would help you remember and repeat the steps, you could record this in your own voice. Another option is to have someone read it to you.

One More Thing Before We Delve In ~ Classes and Consultations on Conquering Procrastination

purple email us sign

You can tell by the slide numbers on some of the images that they are from a class I teach on the subject. I’m still available to do that for groups or individuals via Zoom, if you’re interested. Feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation, if you’d like to explore more. Email Please put NLP Inquiry” in the subject line. Thank you.

Now, Let’s Get Started.

A Powerful Script for Overcoming Procrastination

Our Sample Uses Success at Completing a Project – Just to Give You the Gist

Counselor and Client - Overcoming procrastination via visualization

Relax and Get Comfortable. Breathe!
  • Close your eyes, sit back, and relax for this exercise.
  • Get totally comfortable.
  • Take three, long, slow, deep breaths, relaxing more with every one.
  • Use your senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling throughout the exercise.
Now, Focus
  • Think about the very last step of the goal you have set.
    • What does it look like?
    • What does it feel like?
    • Sound like?
    • Smell like?
    • Does a taste come into your mouth when you think about it?
  • Give yourself unhurried time to think about and experience the sensations associated with that last step of reaching your goal. This is not a race. It is intended to be an enjoyable process.
  • What, specifically, has to happen to convince you that you achieved this goal? Describe it to yourself.
    • In our detailed example, we’ll use – as  “proof” the goal was accomplished – an award banquet honoring you for having brought a difficult project in – on time – under budget – with great results for customers.
    • If your goal were to renovate that bathroom, you would have pictured how it looks, feels, smells, etc. after all the work is done and the decor is beautiful.
    • If you were seeking true and lasting love, your “proof” might be exchanging vows at your wedding, or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends, including grandchildren.
    • Perhaps, you are seeing a deposit of some desired amount of money into your bank account.
    • Maybe you are placing yourself at the desk on your first day of a new job.

Got it? Got it! Good!

Create A Clear Picture of the End Result in Your Mind.
  • See it, hear, taste, smell, touch, and think about it.
  • Now, you should be imagining, or seeing and feeling what it’s like for you after accomplishing this goal. It will be something like this in our example of getting an award for completing a project.
    • See yourself on stage, at the podium, receiving the award from someone who is shaking your hand.
      • What are you wearing?
      • Is anyone with you?
      • Can you smell the cologne you put on when you were getting ready?
      • Can you still taste the dessert you were eating when they called you to the stage?
      • Are your hands shaking?
      • Do you have a prepared speech?
      • Can you remember what you planned to say?
      • Are you thrilled, or is this “standard procedure” and nothing special?
      • Are you nervous or feeling comfortable in being recognized at last?
      • Can you hear yourself laughing?
      • Do you feel, in your chest, how fast you’re breathing?
    • Hear the sound of the audience enthusiastically clapping and of glasses tinkling as people strike them with their spoons. A couple of supporters are whistling their approval and shouting, “YES!”
    • Appreciate the sensation of self-consciousness, and gratitude, and pleasure at being recognized. Now, let the warmth of those positive emotions rise up through your face and ears, with the flush of being recognized for your success. You are blushing!
    • Know the sensation of the Master of Ceremonies’ warm hand firmly shaking yours and feel the contrast with the cool smooth surface and the weight of the award being handed to you at the same time.
    • Smell the strangely incompatible combined scents of banquet food plus the floral arrangements on the dais table where you have been seated.
    • See and hear yourself at the microphone thanking all those people who helped you make this project successful and feeling gratitude for having a support system of competent and helpful people, systems, and procedures.
    • Sense how fortunate you are to have friends, family and co-workers who have supported you and/or are happy for you now.

Step Into the Picture – Look Through Your Own Eyes  What is the Exact Date?
  • Choose a date that seems realistic and make that your time line.
  • You may want to picture a calendar and your pen making a big red checkmark on the date by which you will have accomplished your goal.
  • Perhaps you see the date on a computer or on a project management spreadsheet.
  • (Note: if the project will take a long time, you can create milestone dates and picture what success would be like upon reaching each of those milestone.)

Give It Life!
  • Now, make everything bigger, brighter, more colorful, louder! Intensify the feelings and all the sensations to make it more “real.”
  • What do you see/hear/feel/taste/smell now?
  • Allow all the thoughts and sensations to be as if this were really happening RIGHT NOW with you RIGHT THERE!
  • Now, step out of the picture and observe yourself in the picture, as if you were watching the scene in a movie or on TV.
  • Look down at yourself in the picture – see yourself below – and then blow energy to yourself with four deep breaths: in through the nose and out through the mouth. Blow with the intention to breathe life into you in this situation and bring it into living reality.
  • Take a snapshot of the picture and then float up above the picture.
  • Taking the picture with you, float above the starting date on your Timeline (today) out into the future.
  • Insert the picture into the future Time Line on a specific date that you have chosen. What is that date?  Great!
  •  Now, let the picture float down into the Timeline and lock it in (click your fingers) as though closing a Tupperware lid.

Engage Your Subconscious Mind

Now turn back around and look back all the way to the present moment. Then, ask your Subconscious Mind to change and re-evaluate all events so as to support your goals NOW.

Give it a minute.

Notice all the events from then to now re-organize themselves to make changes and you can, haven’t you?

That was NOT a typo. I repeat:

Notice all the events from then to now re-organize themselves to make changes and you can, haven’t you?

Float back to now and open your eyes.

Congratulations! You Now Have a Tool for Conquering Procrastination!

This was your first round of using NLP techniques and guided visualization to enhance your abilities and prevent avoidance of things you dislike doing, feel incapable of doing, or just need to do as a priority.

You can repeat it as often as you like and apply it to as many subjects as you want to in order to over come habits of procrastination.

Why Does It Work? Einstein Supplies the Answer.

Einstein on Creating via Energy

For more about that, as relates to procrastination, holistic healing, and many more subjects, you need to take advantage of one of my classes or consultations!

smiley face with red lips blowing kisses

Avoiding the Issue: a Testimonial About Using NLP to Overcome Anger Issues

From One Of My NLP Clients:

I consider myself a “true” skeptic and I have to see “proof” before I believe something is true.  I’m not one to believe something just because I’m told it’s true; however, I am open to trying new things and allowing someone to show evidence.  Some things however, do not have tangible evidence, as with NLP and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  I’m glad that Nancy offered to help me.  I’ve been harboring a lot of anger for the past five months. It felt awful and I did not know how to rid myself of the feelings I was having.  After one session with Nancy I have been able to release the anger, and days after it still seems to be working for me.  I feel so much better and am looking forward to more sessions with Nancy to gain additional benefits of NLP and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Weight and Diet

NLP/Creative Visualization for Overcoming Poor Eating Habits!

you want to become- handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

Click Here to see my post that introduces you to this subject! Stop procrastinating! It’s not too late to get beach ready, if you start now! Aside from getting cute, these days it’s good to quit postponing action, because we need to be healthy enough to survive the pandemic in good health!


Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt photo by Jess DeLaskiI’m happy to answer your questions or to schedule a free, initial consultation about overcoming procrastination or on a wealth of other topics. You can explore this website or my other one to see options. If you’re interested or want to schedule either a class or a coaching consultation (for groups or individuals) via Zoom, email me at and put “Overcoming Procrastination Inquiry” in the subject line.

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well

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