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Wellness Therapies Can Include YOGA!   


This special blog is for people in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas, and is just a token of affection  about the place where I have taken yoga classes.

I love The Yoga Connection!  My class emphasizes the wellness of internal organs and the movement of chi to heal the whole body, as well as stretching muscles, ligaments, and fascia.  It is a pure form of yoga, in which we hold the poses long enough to be truly beneficial to body, mind, and spirit.  I am 69 years old, at this writing, and am profiting greatly from the health benefits of these fun classes, which are affordable and available in a flexible schedule, so no money is wasted.

Here is their website for on-going class schedules:  http://www.theyogaconnection.net/

Questions?  Contact The Yoga Connection and my friend, the owner, Marsha McLellan!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!

Classes – Affirmations, Visualization, and Meditation

Do You Know the Differences Among

Affirmations, Visualization, and Meditation?

Want to Take Some Classes?

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You can book me to teach several classes about affirmations, visualization, meditation,  metaphysics, and a bunch of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques.

I also teach about, small garden design and several other unrelated professional, personal, and spiritual growth topics. Watch for blogs about these, or contact me, and discover more topics in 1/2 day workshops, 2-hour, or 1-hour presentations.



Customized Meditations To Suit Your Needs

I create these meditation classes for beginners or for people who already know the basics.  They are composed of lengthy meditations, groups of shorter meditations, or whatever suits the purpose of your gathering. I can present the session in person or as a teleconference. The meditations may include affirmations, self-hypnosis suggestions that you like, and, typically, they utilize creative visualization images.

Talk with me about my version of “The Middle Pillar Meditation,” which is enormously healing. I used it successfully after having “flunked a mammogram” (to quote myself). It started as a scary experience! However, all turned out well when the doctor gave me a second round of tests three days later! (Note: Israel Regardie created the original meditation in the early 1900’s.)

Introduction to Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation

(a demonstration of differences and similarities)

Spa dark backgroundIn the Introduction to Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation class, we’ll discuss subtle differences and similarities.

I’ll provide an overview of several kinds of meditation and creative visualization techniques, focusing on positive thinking and attitudes.

We’ll discuss the correct ways in which to use language to accomplish the desired results when creating affirmations.

Depending on the length of the sessions you choose, we’ll approach it as a seminar or make time for participants to practice.

We’ll talk about myths, brain wave frequencies, motivation, obstacles, postures, breathing, and more.

I’ll provide examples to demonstrate and handouts to refresh your memory when you try it at home.

Beige colors of Sand swirls + stacked rocksIn the meantime, to help you decide if you want to schedule a class with me, here are the definitions from Wikipedia to describe the three areas we will explore.


Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Specifically, it may refer to:….Affirmations (New Age), the practice of positive thinking in New Age terminology http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmations.


Creative visualization….refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_visualization


Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit[1] or as an end in itself.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditation.


Here is a testimonial for this class from Celestino, a life-long learner, on October 19, 2012.  Later, I can post some more, but I have other priorities right now.  :)

“I first met Nancy as a student in a class she gave on Creativity Visualization. The class was amazing for its comprehensiveness and summary of various concepts in this field of spiritually. Since this first encounter, I have sought out Nancy’s advice. Nancy has provided excellent advice in a most professional manner. I have come to respect and value Nancy’s advice and counsel.”Meditation

The only complaint I’ve ever gotten about this class (and about my other metaphysics and holistic healing classes) is that the students wanted the class to be longer! 

woman talking on cell phoneStudents of all ages even said this when the class was four hours long!  So, you can see we had fun and learned a lot.  Here is the highest compliment I got in all my recent classes. Not a single person even looked at his/her cell phone during the entire class!  Can you believe it? Shocking! YEA!

Contact me.  You’ll love it, too!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well!